Enter the Scary Thankful Writing Contest!

From now until November 30th, send us your best story (fiction or non-fiction) or essay discussing ONE of the following topics:

The SCARIEST thing government could do; or

The freedom you are most THANKFUL for.


Stories can be fiction or non-fiction and draw on the stylings of any genre.

Essays must be engaging, accessible to a general audience, and not rely on academic jargon.



1. Must be submitted with subject line “Scary Thankful Contest Submission – [Title]” as an attachment (PDF, RTF, DOC, or DOCX) to submissions [at] freedomforgepress [dot] com.
2. Must be AT LEAST 1,000 words.

3. Must NOT EXCEED 5,000 words.

4. Must be engaging and responsive to either the SCARY or THANKFUL prompt above.

5. Must be ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED elsewhere. (No reprints)
We will:

1. Evaluate the submissions and select one, both, or none of the category winner(s).  These winners will receive a $25 Amazon.com gift card or PayPal payment.
2. Category winner(s) MAY be offered a slot in our 2nd freedom-themed anthology, slated for release in 2014. Being the contest winner will not exclude you from the contracted payment terms offered to other anthology contributors (e.g., royalties).

3. We may arbitrarily recognize honorable mentions, or create some other ranking/placement scheme if there are a cornucopia of quality submissions.

4. If warranted, we MAY also offer a slot in our anthology to any submissions that were worthy of honorable mentions.

Winners will be contacted at the email address we receive the contest entry from. We will ask winners (and possibly honorable mentions) for a promotional photo or high quality “selfie”, short bio, and any web addresses you would like to plug for your writing endeavors. We’ll also release your first name, last initial, and your current location (city/state or province/country) on the announcement post.
Have fun!

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