Thirty Straight Years of Thanksgiving Dinner!?!

The American Farm Bureau Federation reported that the average cost of feeding 10 people at a “typical” Thanksgiving dinner is approximately $49.04, a decrease of 44 cents over last year.

This week, total federal government borrowing closed in on $17.2 TRILLION.

Thanks to the federal government’s gross negligence of managing the country’s finances, our current national debt could have paid for each and every American man, woman, and child living today to have Thanksgiving dinners, every single day for 30 years and 4 months! We’re talking about some serious left overs…

But the real turkeys still occupy the Capitol Building in Washington DC, and they’re still spending like there’s no tomorrow–thereby robbing future generations of Americans of their tomorrows.

Photo Credit: “Sliced Turkey Dinner” by Justin Smith “diettogo1“.

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One Response to Thirty Straight Years of Thanksgiving Dinner!?!

  1. Interestingly, my son Steve pointed out that the government spent 600 million dollars (and change) to build the Obamacare website, and that for the cost so far, 300 million U.S. citizens could have been given $2,000,000.00 each. Talk about economic stimulus! Think of how many people would have 1. paid off their student loans, 2. bought a house, 3. took an extended vacation, 4. funded a retirement account, 5. started a small business, or 6. —-and this is the big one—funded a health-care savings account!

    Yes, if 50 million people had no health insurance when Obamacare was passed, then the government could have have set aside 12 million dollars for each of those people that would have paid for their health care and that of their downtrodden families for the rest of their lives without screwing up the private sector. For less than a billion dollars the “health care crisis” could have been solved without one insurance policy being cancelled, without one mandate, without one SCOTUS case. And, if there had been tort reform, and competition across state lines, the rest of us would have seen our health care costs come down. We would also have seen Medicare costs decrease, and the states would not be on the hook for out of control medicaid costs.

    On the other hand, we wouldn’t be able to give “free” health care to the 11-20 million illegal aliens. Make no mistake, Obama’s push for amnesty is to qualify these illegals for the taxpayer funded “free” care with no political/voter backlash. They already get the care, of course, which is what was driving up the healthcare/Medicaid costs to begin with, but Obama wants to make them eligible for a host of other “free” stuff these freeloaders want from the American taxpayer. They already get free rent, food stamps, and a pass on costly requirements of Americans, i.e. car insurance, for example. The fact is, unregulated immigration is what killed the American taxpayer, the American economy, and American freedom. The illegals are the tools of the Communists who have successfully destroyed America’s free enterprise system.

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