Help Us Choose a Cover for Our Upcoming Release!

We’ve been working hard on the next installment of our freedom-themed anthology, and we’re proud to announce that a cover reveal is within sight.

There’s only one problem. The freedom elves (who work voluntarily and not at all against their will) left the cover design machine on too long. And as a result, we’ve ended up with more than one cover.

This is the cover for Dimensions, our speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, and the like) anthology of freedom-themed works; we wanted to capture the fantastical nature of the stories and highlight the limitless possibilities offered by the genre.

Help us by choosing which one you like best and tell us what you think by taking the quick, two-question survey below:

Click Here to open the survey (opens external link to Survey Monkey)

Here are previews of the 5 covers:
dimensions-cover-1-sample Dimensions-cover-2-sample dimensions-cover-3-sample dimension-cover-4-sample dimension-cover-5-sample


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