Forging Freedom: Dimensions – Table of Contents & Contributors Announced!

We’re happy to announce that all the contracts have been signed, and we can announce our table of contents for Forging Freedom: Dimensions, our anthology of freedom-themed speculative fiction.

The anthology is currently in the editing phase, and we expect it to go to print in the last quarter of 2014. The list below appears in no particular order.

Congratulations to all our authors!

“Freedom From Perfection” by Hayden Lawrence

“Bringing Home Major Tom” by Leigh Kimmel

“Inhuman” by AK Lindsay

“Amnesty Intergalactic” by Douglas W. Texter

“A Brief Biography of Baron Otto von Korek” by Donald J. Bingle

“The Circular Nature of Time” by Hollis Whitlock

“The Rainbow Children” by Leo Norman

“The Fourth Poet” by Val Muller

“To Do As You Please” by Paul Cucinotta

“Hope” by Lesley L. Smith

“Ezra’s Prophesy” by Deborah Walker

“The Witch Toaster” by R. David Fulcher

“Why You Can Never Escape with Escape” by AJ Kirby

“Pedestal” by James Hartley

“The Last Dragoon” by Charles Kyffhausen

“The Pathless Skies” by Neil Weston

“Halfer” by Tracy Doering

“Dorn’s Act” by Jason Sergi


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