Freedom Friday: Promoting Freedom by Transcending Party Politics

At Freedom Forge Press, we’ve always been bothered by politics and the way the two-party system tends to divide people along rigid, artificial lines: much like a high school pep rally, it’s “us” versus “them” with no room for dissent. Clearly, this mentality becomes destructive when trying to use rationality to solve important issues.

We were heartened to view the following video, put out by Reason (link to, about last weekend’s International Students for Liberty Conference. The liberty movement seems to attract individuals who express disagreements with the two major political parties, namely with the Republican and Democrat propensity to limit freedoms. Each party seems happy to limit freedoms, as long as those limits serve the party’s best interests.

The students featured in this video seem to transcend the limits of the two-party system, focusing on liberty and freedom for all. Seeing young people so involved and already using critical thinking skills to question policies that govern their world is heartening indeed. They can envision a world with greater freedoms, and imagination is the first step to achieving.

It left us feeling just a little brighter about the future.

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