Dystopia Tuesday – Thank You Tracy Lawson!

2013_12_17_Tracy_Portrait_69For the last several weeks, we’ve featured a series of comparisons of select literary works in the dystopia genre. We’d like to take a moment to give author Tracy Lawson a shout out and thank her for her contributions and use today’s post to point out where you can find out more about Tracy and her own contribution to dystopia works in The Resistance Series.

Find out more about Tracy at her website, or just read on for her bio and current project, The Resistance Series.

(Her Bio!)

TRACY LAWSON has wanted to be a writer ever since she learned to read. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Ohio University, and though she embarked on a career in the performing arts as a dance instructor and choreographer, never lost her desire to write, and thus far has to her credit a coming-of-age dystopian thriller and an historical nonfiction. Her interest in writing for teens is sparked by all the wonderful young people in her life, including her daughter, Keri, a college sophomore.

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(Her Book!)

Counteract: Book 1 of the Resistance Series (2014) is the story of a guy, a girl, the terrorist attack thatTracy is the author of Counteract.

brings them together, and their race to expose a conspiracy that could destroy their country from within. What Tommy and Careen learn about the true nature of the terrorist threat spurs them to take action, and their decisions lead them to run afoul of local law enforcement, team up with an underground resistance group, and ultimately take their quest for the truth to the highest reaches of the United States government. The second book in the series is slated for release in 2015.

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