Freedom Friday: Congratulations Wisconsin!


Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law in Wisconsin that prohibits unions from collecting mandatory union dues. We say “Congratulations, Wisconsin!” Wisconsin joins 24 other states, becoming the 25th in the Union to enact such a law.

Employees can still join unions. Employees can still pay union dues if they feel that their unions are providing a worthwhile service. Unions can no longer exact payments from members who don’t want to be part of the union.

President Obama was quick to condemn the new law as “anti-worker,” but what could be more anti-worker than taking someone’s wages against their will to support an organization that does not represent their workplace desires, and more often than not, makes contributions to political parties that may not represent their values.

At least one recent poll suggests the law is a pretty solid hit for the people of Wisconsin. They’d have voted for the law themselves by a margin of 62-32.

Suppose by virtue of living in a town, you were required to join the local gym and pay dues. What if the gym doesn’t have the newest equipment? Doesn’t have very good locker rooms? And management doesn’t much care to improve anything because, well, they’re guaranteed their mandatory dues whether they fix up the place or not.

All of a sudden a new mayor comes to town and says, you don’t have to join the local gym anymore – you are still free to stay if you want, but our guess is the gym management will have a new-found interest in providing value to members in exchange for voluntary, rather than mandatory, dues.

Employees own their labor, not unions. So an employee should have a right to sell his/her labor to the employer of his or her choosing without having to pay a cut to a union boss for the privilege of working. That’s un-American; that’s wrong.

So today on Freedom Friday, we salute YOU Wisconsin!

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One Response to Freedom Friday: Congratulations Wisconsin!

  1. @jeneanmacb says:

    I think it’s clear we have a viable 2016 presidential candidate in Gov. Walker. He alone has proven he will stand against anyone or anything for the good of the state he leads. I’m sure we will see more economic development in Wisconsin than anyone envisioned. Most right-to-work states have fared better than other states in the throughout the latest depression. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have him break the Obamacare chains that restrain economic growth for the entire country? Wouldn’t be be great not to be regulated into economic paralysis? Energy independence is not only possible, it could become reality under his leadership. And we know crime rates dip when employment rates soar. He’s got my vote. Here in Kentucky we know Rand Paul has been bought by the Republican establishment/donors. He can’t carry his own state if he’s the nominee. Jeb Bush might as well call himself a socialist democrat. Everybody else has a lackluster voting record and suffers from achievementanorexia. Walker can unite the party. I hope he considers running.

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