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Power of WordsBy Val Muller

I was having a discussion with several soon-to-be-graduating high school seniors the other day. They were talking about how parents today are allowing the next generation to ruin themselves via technology. As an example, they cited a family who was eating at a very “happening” restaurant. Upon sitting at the table, the mother reached into her pocketbook and retrieved two tablets, which she promptly handed to each of her two children. The kids then automatically turned on a movie and a game and turned off their attention to their parents. What shocked my students about this display was that the parents didn’t even try to engage their children: technology was the preferred “babysitter.”

My students’ distress at this behavior gave me hope, and I was reminded again of eras in history in which sharing ideas allowed humanity to blossom and grow. As a writer and editor, I hope that the sharing of ideas never fades or pales to paltry video games or movies. I hope we always have the poets, the artists, the entrepreneurs who insist on creating something from nothing, who want to better humanity and leave their mark on the world.

As part of its mission, Freedom Forge Press is dedicated to preserving the written word as a medium for sharing ideas. We are currently open to submissions for novels.

At FFP, we hope to publish the best freedom-loving literature we can find. But we also like encouraging the written word as it applies to any theme. So we’d like to share some other writing opportunities we’ve compiled from around the web:

http://www.futurescapescontest.com/. Can you imagine the city of the future? Check out the website for this year’s contest. July 15 deadline.

http://www.chickensoup.com/story-submissions/possible-book-topics Chicken Soup for the Soul has built quite the franchise. The editors are frequently on the lookout for new essays, and deadlines vary.

http://www.writersofthefuture.com/enter-writer-contest/ The Writers of the Future contest got me writing when I was in high school. It’s an ongoing opportunity to compete with the best amateur writers of speculative fiction. Quarterly deadlines and prizes.

http://www.newpages.com/writers-resources/young-authors-guide and http://www.aerogrammestudio.com/2015/03/26/publication-opportunities-for-young-writers/. These blog posts offer a collection of international writing opportunities for young writers. As always, be sure to read the details of each one before you consider whether to submit.

http://fundsforwriters.com/ This site often appears in the top 100 websites for writers. There are several newsletter options, including a free one, for writers to receive updates on markets and agents looking for talent.

In the past, we at FFP have called for a renewed Age of Enlightenment, a renewed Age of Reason in which we demand the most of our minds to make the world a better place. With everyone surrounded by technology, it’s easy to be distracted and pacified by minutiae. It seems a constant battle to fight against the pull of the screen’s warm glow. But let’s “not go silent into that good night.” Let’s write and read and discuss and think.

The world will be better for it.

About the Author:

VAL MULLER is an FFP editor, fiction writer and teacher living in Virginia.  You can keep track of her at www.valmuller.com.

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