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Freedom Forge Press is a small publisher seeking to publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction that promotes the themes of freedom, independence, and the spirit of the individual.  We are a nonpartisan organization seeking to promote the idea of freedom and limited government to a readership that embraces and defends freedom as a birthright.

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Val Muller is the author of numerous novels and short stories, including the Corgi Capers mystery series for young detectives. She is a freelance editor, a member of the Round Hill Writers Group, and an English teacher by day. As a child, her favorite book was O. T. Nelson’s The Girl Who Owned a City. Though she didn’t realize it at the time, Val learned later that Nelson’s goal in writing the book was to translate Ayn Rand’s principles of Objectivism into terms children could understand. Val’s love of freedom existed since birth, was fostered by her parents, and continues to this day. Her favorite books include 1984, for warning of the dangers of big, manipulative governments; The Grapes of Wrath, for showing that humankind’s spirit will endure through toughest of circumstances; and The Fountainhead, which provides hope that one man standing up for his beliefs against a corrupt and impossible world can, indeed, succeed.

ERIC EGGER – Founder

Eric Egger founded Freedom Forge Press as a nonpartisan outlet to celebrate freedom and the spirit of the individual. From a young age, Eric appreciated the value of knowledge and its relationship to power. As a boy, Eric made a weekly pilgrimage to the convenience store to purchase a copy of The Wall Street Journal. He spent the rest of the week poring over the articles, understanding how one person with knowledge and a vision can succeed in business and bring change to the world. Today, he sees how equally significant withholding knowledge is in keeping power. He hopes that Freedom Forge Press will facilitate the free sharing of knowledge and the celebration of all policies and governments that allow freedom and the transparent sharing of knowledge equally for all citizens.

13 Responses to About Us

  1. My fear for America’s freedom, especially since the recent spread of collectivism, has a historical foundation. America is being transformed into Weimar and we’re ripe for the emergence of a dictator. The government take-over of one industry after another, and its attempt to curtail 2nd Amendment rights, is horrific.

    The electoral map says it all: the red-state interior of America, the food-growing area, is next. Collectivising the food supply, which can be accomplished by government take-over of agri-business and EPA restrictions on food growing on private property, will be the death knell for America. But, it is inevitable as long as the government shuts down the economy while simultaneously promising millions of mega-city dwellers government supported lives on the Obamaplantation.

    We need publications like Freedom Forge Press to rally those in desperate need of a truly free exchange of ideas and a champion of individual initiative and expression.

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  3. manning hero says:

    arrest who arrested manning. ban from gov jobs who thinks manning should be charged. arrest/charge criminals manning exposed.
    arrest who forced him to sleep naked w lights on, or sleep deprivation-abuse. no 1 shuold be put in solitary confiement if they are not directly endangering other inmates. prisoners shuold be allowed visitors. charge whoever locked up manning, $8/hr manning was locked up compensation to manning.
    activate mass protests and petitions to arrest who arrested manning
    charge nsa with espionage.
    espionage/spying=to look at/listen to/record someone/something w/o their knowledge or permission, and is legal if its looking at/listening to/recording public property, the outside of things that are outside or in public, anything you have permission to see, things w probable cause or potentially resonable suspicion of finding evidence of crime/gov misconduct, and gov info that is legally sapose to be public
    leaking classified info is legal. breaching a paid confidentality contact may result in oweing a refund and loss of occupational licence, not arrest. gov confidentiality agreements to keep info secret that is sapose to be public, is illegal and a void contract. leaking classified info that is sapose to be public, or is probable cause of gov misconduct, is honorable, deserve reward, and what people are sapose to do.
    ‘causing intelligence to be published’, ‘transmitting defense information’, is freedom of press and speech.
    manning’s search and seizure is lawful there was probable cause of crime/gov misconduct.
    legal to search if probable cause or maybe reasonable supicion of gov misconduct/crime, and record or share that info
    only criminals say exposeing/leaking evidence of crimes is aiding the enemy because law-abideing people that try to stop crime are a criminal’s enemy.
    gov who searches and seizies w/o reasonable suspcion, or wants to cover up govs crimes agianst transparency laws within the consitution(that declare the public is sapose to know all gov does(exsept maybe certian info w 75% of the public’s permit), is a traitor who betrayed their oath to defend the consitution, and betrayed the public by lieing to them saying they are there for national security when actualy they breach national secuirty, and only secure gov criminals from being prosecuted.
    its legal to share (gov info that is legally sapose to be published) with the public
    public sector(gov) is sapose to be the public’s employees and be publicly viewable
    it is a felony to attempt to use the classification system to hide a crime or protect the powerful from embarrassment. Such material remains unclassified even after being stamped.
    Title 18 US Code contains the law. Executive order 13526 declares that crimes and embarrassing material CANNOT be classified:

    Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations.
    (a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be
    maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
    (1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
    (2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
    Also see
    403 U.S. 713 (1971)
    No. 1873.
    whistle blower law-cant legally get in trouble for reporting crime/gov-misconduct
    its gov’s job to report and try to stop crime/gov-misconduct, and protect everyone=under the law=not letting some get away w the same type of misconduct you dont let others get away with, =no spying on everyone while baning every1 to spy on u
    us army subject schedule no. 27-1 is “the obligation to report all violations of the law of war”
    require gov workers report suspected gov-misconduct(exsept under risk. reward reporting gov misconduct under risk.
    allowing criminals who spy on entire non-gov w/o their permit, or murders who kill innocents, to go unpunished puts everyone at risk.
    put gov under 24-7live public video survailence. subject gov to suprize inspections done by non gov unpaid by gov.
    anyone who illegally searches/seizes documents/pcs/videos/pety non survival items(manning didnt do, nsa did) shouldnt be arrested, should be banned from gov jobs, and maybe sml fine.
    gov admitted manning leaks didnt put anyone at risk.
    no one who hasnt touched someone agianst their will, kidnapped, physcially trapped, physcially abuse/neglected, murdered, tortured, disarmed, or physcially directly endangered someone(ex pointing a gun at someone), shuld go to life in prison.

    the public is the top of the chain of command, top of the pryamid, the boss of gov, most arnt dum enough to report crimes to the crooks who commited them or crooks-the truth wouldnt get out and wuld be punished for reporting/exposeing.
    manning first reported to his higher ups and they didnt care-ban those higher ups from gov jobs.
    manning was honest with the public and upheld his orignal oath to the consitution and transparency laws, he isnt a traitor.
    if he lied to tyrants in order to get access to info the public is legally owed, tyrants might lable him traitors, otherwise tyrants cant declare him a traitor
    gov is like a lion hideing in the grass, slowly and quietly sneaking closer and closer to its prey, waiting to pounce on its prey, doesnt want its prey to see it, and wants to be able to see its prey
    charge the policicans who use tax payer$ for their prv security when they can afford it for themself instead of buying themself so much lavish golf, vacations, long distance travel, fashion, fancy dinner…, with theft. the politicans theft of $millions+ is much more severe than manning looking at info on a computer w/o permission. they let the poor die while spending $millions punishing whistleblowers.
    if it was your kids that got killed, would u want the murderer to go free and the one who reported it to go to jail?-no, hypocrities.

  4. Lock up bad spellers (supposed not saposed), bad grammarians, and those who endanger our freedom by releasing classified information to someone like Assange rather than be a true whistle-blower and report misgivings/suspicions etc to one’s superior in the chain of command. We are at war, despite Obama’s insanity to the contrary, and Manning was in uniform. That means his is an entirely different case from that of a civilian (a-la Snowden) whistle-blower. Only the naive or the traitor acts on his own moral conviction before discussing the matter with those in charge when he is in uniform. Why this troubled boy (read his record) had access to ANY classified information is beyond me, as is Nadal Hassan’s retention when it was clear he he engaged in communications with a known terrorist. Manning should be executed like any other traitor who betrays the uniform, hence the safety of his fellow citizens he has sworn to protect. Yes, the First Amendment protects our right to speak, but not to avoid the consequences of wrongful speech; you go to jail for yelling fire in a crowded theater for good reason. It’s called reckless endangerment.

    I am for freedom, not anarchy or license. Good judgment can’t be legislated, but it can be encouraged by appropriate punishment of bad judgment. Manning is young and stupid. Youth is curable, but stupidity must be sanctioned especially when it comes to classified information.

  5. I think I entered one to many hes and omitted a period after etc.

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