Press Release: Forging Freedom Anthology Now Available for Pre-Order


August 8, 2013


Forging Freedom: An Anthology of Freedoms Imagined, Lost, Found, and Won

Loudoun County, VA—Is freedom the true state of humankind? Or is humanity embroiled in a constant struggle against tyranny and oppression? Thirty-five authors living in seven countries tackle that question in the book Forging Freedom: An Anthology of Freedoms Imagined, Lost, Found, and Won, to be published by Northern Virginia-based Freedom Forge Press on September 17, 2013.

Written by veterans, entrepreneurs, citizens, and writers from all walks of life, the book contains fictional tales of freedoms lost and won, essays on the current state of our freedom, and stories of freedoms imagined in a distant future or whimsical world.

Michelle Malkin, author, blogger, and small business owner, said of the anthology, “The contributors of Forging Freedom come from all walks of life, but are bound by their burning passion for liberty. Read this book. Share these stories with your children. Keep the flame burning!”

Katherine Mangu-Ward, Managing Editor of Reason Magazine, called the anthology, “A fun, fast, and fascinating read for anyone who loves liberty.”
After willingly relinquishing personal freedoms to serve his country while in the US Army, Freedom Forge Press founder Eric Egger noticed a trend of diminishing personal freedoms in civilian life. His call for submissions for the press’s inaugural anthology echo his concern:

  • The one-child policy in China restricting women from making choices about their own bodies
  • Government regulations imposing impediments to would-be entrepreneurs, harming the very people they purport to be helping
  • Citizens choosing safe, mediocre lives controlled by the government rather than taking risks that could lead to innovation, discovery, and a better life for all.

Eric’s submission call also resulted in imagined freedoms—or lack thereof—based in reality, in history, and in a futuristic world:

  • A new mother sacrificing time with her family to help the displaced citizens of the Vietnam conflict
  • A woman not allowed to fight during the Revolutionary War defying etiquette and expectations to save her imprisoned sons
  • A rebel working against the collectivist movement to secure individual rights—and consequences

Today, the government and media seem to choose stories that promote various agendas—none of which seem to be forwarding freedom. Freedom Forge Press founder Eric Egger established his press as a platform for individuals of all walks and abilities to share their stories of freedom. These are the types of stories that founded America as a beacon of freedom for the oppressed of the world. Now more than ever, we must preserve these stories and allow individuals to celebrate freedom and take heed against policies and causes that would seek to deny it.

It’s why Nansen Malin, social media expert, community organizer, and business owner, remarked, “This collection of stories will stir your soul, and educate and motivate you. They are stories of ‘forging freedom’, about individuals taking their lives and futures in their own hands. These are the stories our country needs to hear.”

From now until September 16, 2013 (EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30, 2013), Forging Freedom can be ordered at a special discounted rate at All pre-orders will receive a free e-book edition.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July
from Freedom Forge Press!

Government Debt and Golf

Happy Father’s Day Dads!

The US Government’s debt of $16.873 TRILLION could have bought enough golf balls to cover the same area as nearly 120 cities the size of Washington DC.

Not just any golf balls, but 3.68 trillion Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, which we understand are some pretty darn good golf balls.

The final number, per our bean counters, is 3,682,051,282,051 golf balls. We understand the president is an avid golfer–this should be enough to hold him over for a few months!

Unveiling Updated Draft of Forging Freedom Cover

We’re pleased to share our updated draft cover for Forging Freedom our inaugural anthology. Forging Freedom is a collection of stories from contributors worldwide that celebrates freedom and the spirit of the individual.

The anthology will be divided into three sections. One section showcases stories of real-world fiction. A second section contains true stories and non-fiction. A third section will treat readers to otherworldly fiction where the present day real world rules simply do not apply. We strove to find something for everyone, from science fiction to true stories to wild tales.

At this time Forging Freedom is slated for release in September 2013, slightly behind schedule from our original planned release of July 2013.  Stay tuned for more details!

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day from Freedom Forge Press!

Debt Flowers

The US Government’s debt is large enough to have paid for each and every mother in the US to get two dozen roses, delivered, each and every year for Mother’s Day for the next 3,400 years!

In 2009, the US Census Bureau estimated that approximately 85.4 million moms live in the US. We’ll round up to 87 million.

One prominent online vendor will send two dozen roses to the mom of your choice, delivery and taxes included, for about $57.00. Lastly,

Happy Mother’s Day from Freedom Forge Press!

Obama Hears, Addresses “Voices” of Opposition

While speaking at a commencement ceremony in Ohio, President Obama stated that college graduate and young people should disregard any “voices” that constantly warn against government tyranny.

“The voices”, according to the president, say that government is a source of tyranny and bad things. That “tyranny lurks just around the corner.”  The president urges his audience to reject these “voices,” because accepting that tyranny is possible means that our experiment in self rule is just a sham and that people can’t be trusted.

The the president expresses in this speech illustrates his utter ignorance of America’s founding and the very points of federalism, divided government, checks and balances on power, and the concept of natural rights–those given to men and women because we are born, not because some government grants them to us.

In Federalist No. 51, James Madison writes, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” But men are not angels. In this line, he acknowledges that some government is necessary. But he goes on to write, “If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”  But angels do not govern the affairs of men, nor are they working in modern government. Thus government power must be controlled.

The president implies that those who fear government tyranny and speak their concerns seek only to “gum up the works” to getting things like gun control, government healthcare, and other legislative agenda items pushed through Congress.

Perhaps the president fails to recognize what tyranny is, we are glad to help him out.


Government (at all levels, not just federal) has engaged in a variety of oppressive behavior in the last few years. Examples abound such as banning the sale of sodas of an arbitrary size, banning legal gun owners from having or purchasing guns with more than 7, 10, or more bullets in an ammunition magazine. The government enacted a mono-partisan take over of healthcare, passing a law of approximately 2,000 pages with so many fill in the blanks for the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the federal bureaucracy that the current count of regulations issued to fill in the legislative blanks stands at nearly 20,000 pages, a tower of paper more than 7 feet tall. The president has, despite taking an oath to the contrary, arbitrarily selected what federal laws he will enforce and which he will not.

The president signed a law authorizing the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial and without right of judicial review. His Department of Homeland Security has amassed more deadly hollow point ammunition at a rate faster than used by the US military in conducting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. His Department of Justice is involved in an illegal gun running scandal that resulted in Mexican drug cartels obtaining weapons which were used to murder a US ATF agent and Mexican citizens. Instead of submitting to Congressional oversight, the White House asserted executive privilege to avoid having to answer for its bad acts.

Finally, the US government has recently involved itself in a number of warrant-less, paramilitary raids on American businesses for trumped up charges (The Gibson Guitar factory raid is just one of several examples). While no actual wrongdoing is found, the government refuses to file charges, return seized property, or allow a judicial hearing on the actions that took place.

The examples above do not inspire confidence that government is a merely a benevolent, nurturing force for good. Despite the president’s urging to the contrary, government and the intention of individuals running it are not always noble or pure. And that is why the entire framework of setting up the federal government is one that restricts its powers. The federal government is granted power by the Constitution via enumerated powers–those specifically given to it. Those powers not granted are reserved to the states or to the people. No matter what politicians benevolently promise, that’s how the system should remain.

Debt Cruise

The US government has amassed enough debt to give each and every American 49 five-day long cruises. No, we’re not talking about that one company whose boats always get stuck out at sea and strand their passengers. We’re talking about a different company.

Still not good enough? The level of accommodations you’ll get on each of your 49 cruises is at the mini-suite level, capable of sleeping 4 adults. Go travel the world and the seven seas—7 times each!

PHOTO CREDIT: “Cruise Ships Visiting Grand Cayman” by pmarkham

Rest In Peace “Iron Lady”

“We want a society where people are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate. This is what we mean by a moral society; not a society where the state is responsible for everything, and no one is responsible for the state.” -Margaret Thatcher

If It Ain’t Broke, Government Will Fix It Until It Is

Many of you probably already saw this on our Facebook page, but we decided to share it here as well. A little Photoshop fun to help pass the day. Enjoy!