Government Debt Levels Equate to Unsportsmanlike Conduct on America’s Future

american-football-151765_640Just in time for the Big Game tonight!

The NFL as an organization has a very expensive evening ahead of it. The organization expects to pay approximately $97,000 per player for each person on the winning team’s 53-man roster. It’ll also pay $49,000 per player to the losing team.

Then there’s the trophy: an estimated $12,500 expense from Tiffany and Company for the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy to be awarded to the winning team.

The NFL also kicks in a subsidy toward commemorative jewelry for the winning team – $5,000 per person up to 150 pieces for players, coaches, and other team support staff. The losing team can expect a $2,500 per person subsidy.

And last, but certainly not least, the game balls–properly inflated we can only hope. Each team receives 54 game plus an additional 12 balls for kickers for a total of 120 balls at an estimated $150 per ball. Total cost: $18,000.

All in, the NFL can expect to fork over $8,839,500 in Big Game consumables and bonuses alone.

The US Government’s current debt exceeds 18,104,541,000,000 (18 TRILLION…). The US government’s debt could have paid for 2,048,140 Super Bowl events. That’s enough Big Games to fill 5,607 years worth of Super Bowls if one game were played every single day.

Talk about pass interference! Each dollar of debt will need to come from somewhere, be it raised taxes, reduced spending for actual legitimate federal government expenses (few as those may be). With as big a trench as politicians from both political parties have collectively dug (and continue to dig!) for American taxpayers of the present and future, one has to hope sooner or later voters will muster the courage to throw a penalty flag at all politicians who promise hope and change but fail miserably to deliver.

PHOTO CREDIT: “American Football” a free vector graphic from Pixabay.