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apprentice logo colorApprentice Books is our young adult line. These are stories targeting readers ages 13 (for younger YA) to 18. As always, we’re looking for stories with a strong freedom theme that are not dogmatic about it. Think The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Giver. But while we love dystopias, we are also looking for books that address freedom by celebrating the spirit of the individual, free to achieve his or her best. For instance, we love the innovation and strength of Gary Paulsen’s characters as they face survival situations that force them to find their inner power. We also love coming-of-age tales and well-researched historical novels that highlight strength and freedom—or the fight for freedom—of past eras.

These books would ideally be rated the equivalent of PG-13, though there are always exceptions for well-written stories (violence in The Hunger Games, for instance, is pivotal to the story). With books meant for the older end of the YA spectrum, we’re willing to push the boundaries a bit.

Submission Guidelines

For Novels of 40,000 words and more

1. Send the first three chapters and a fourth chapter of your choosing from your manuscript.

2. Please include your author bio and a URL for any social media that you would like us to consider either as a separate attachment or as part of your submission message.

3. Please include a brief (no more than 25o words) discussion of your target readership/audience that you feel is appropriate for your manuscript. (e.g., All children age 16 1/2 who wear blue shoes on Tuesdays–hopefully this isn’t your exact submission as it is a bit of a specialized niche). Generally this imprint is interested in audiences 13-18 years of age. Based on your target audience discussion, we may consider the submission for an alternate imprint.

4. Please include a brief (no more than 250 words) discussion of the freedom theme/angle that you believe flavors your manuscript. This can be very subtle or more obvious. The strength of the story dictates our interest more so than the strength of the freedom connection. We will have a keener interest in a compelling and well-written story that has a relatively minor freedom theme than a manuscript that suffers from problems (such as prevalent typos, plot problems, POV, character development challenges) and yet has a strong freedom theme/angle.

5. Include a brief synopsis of the book outline that lets us know where the plot is going beyond the sample chapters included in the submission.

6. Send your polished manuscript with the above-requested items to submissions < at > freedomforgepress < dot > com.

For Novellas of fewer than 40,000 words

Although we will consider novellas (under 40,000) words, they are likely to be published as ebook only, or published as part of an anthology of novellas or with a collection of short stories.

1. Follow all steps above except send us the full manuscript instead of the chapter samples. (This includes the overall synopsis).


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